Paws In Play



Since our inception in 2010 and our move to the Canton area in 2013, we at Paws In Play have strived to uphold our ambitious take on traditional pet care with a focus on man’s best friend. The idea behind our concept is to offer a wide variety of services covering every need of the pet owner. We are a “One Stop Shop” for all pet care. Our services include: daycare, overnight, training, grooming, and retail.  

Our Daycare and Overnight approach is designed for safe play, exercise and socialization. We strongly believe in creating a comfortable and inviting environment where the true focus is the individual pet’s personality. Where other places see price tags applied to these animals, we see an opportunity to learn and allow each pet the catalyst to maximize their potential.  The idea is to put you, the customer, at ease with the large responsibility you incur when owning and caring for a pet.